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About us


DOHA SEAGULL TRADING W.L.L. plays a vital role in providing support, service and repairs for marine rescue and survival equipments.

Our Life raft Services Division is qualified to service life rafts, Lifejackets and Immersion suits of all brands. The testing and servicing is done in accordance to various international regulations and standards.

Our Fire Service Division takes care of Servicing, Refilling and pressure testing of fixed fire fighting installations, portable fire extinguishers, fixed fire detection systems, breathing air / EEBD sets and various other fire fighting equipments.

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Safety Does not come with lucky, It has to be prepared.


Our Products

We offer a wide verity of Marine and safety equipments to suits your needs.



  • Make sure your signals are always in date
  • Use in accordance with instructions
  • Always store in a container
  • Ensure your crew know where the signal are stored
  • Ensure your crew are familiar with how to operate your distress signals
  • Only to be use in emergency situation
  • Remember these (Pyrotechnics) are class 1 products when using, storing or transporting them


  • Do not use after expiry date.
  • Do not expose to extremes of temperature, humidity and damp.
  • Do not dismantle.
  • Do not use if damaged or dented.
  • Do not store or place near sources of heat or where children have access.
  • Pyrotechnics are designed to be use in emergency situation outdoor use only.
  • If found do not touch and notify the fire Marshall or police.